What’s going on with the Bungaroosh project?

If it seems like a while since we last updated, well… there’s a good reason for that! Things are moving quite slowly.

But the Bungaroosh team continue to work, and we are making some progress.

Where are we with the Asset of Community Value?

The Asset of Community Value (ACV) is the status that means a building cannot be sold for purposes other than community use. As you may remember, we were successful in getting an ACV status for the Cuthbert pub.

This was then contested by the developers, and was upheld in our favour. The developers are now going for the last resort, a tribunal.

We are waiting to have the tribunal date confirmed, but will be sure to report back on what happens.

What are we doing meanwhile?

Of course, it is hard to make concrete plans while the result of the tribunal is still up in the air, but we are taking practical steps where we can.

At the moment, we are applying for grant funding, putting together a business plan, and organising some market research that will help us show, in black and white, the need for a community space.

Consulting with you, the people who live in the local area, and who are potential users of the space, will also allow us to hear all your ideas for what kind of services you need and would enjoy.

Can I get involved?

Once we hear the result of the tribunal (hopefully in our favour!), we’ll be looking at welcoming new members of the group, both as supporters and as hands-on helpers. It’s likely that, as we grow, we’ll be splitting into working groups so that we can make the most of your skills.

Meanwhile, right now, we could very much do with help from anyone who can help with writing our business plan or conducting market research. If you have skills in these areas, or could spare a couple of hours to man a stall, deliver a few flyers, or knock on a few doors, please do drop us a line on bungarooshproject@gmail.com.


Please sign the petition

We are very pleased to have achieved the ACV status, but we are far from the home run.

The developers could appeal the ACV, plus we still don’t know the status of the planning application.

We may be called on at any time to prove that there is community support for our plans – so please sign this petition and add your name to that support. (It really does only take a minute, and is *not* one of those petitions that then signs you up to hundreds of other causes).

Thanks very much! We know we’re doing a lot of asking at the moment… we hope that soon we’ll be able to do some giving back

Collecting signatures

The objections which hold most weight are those from people with houses that adjoin or are very near the property.

Members of the group have been talking to these very local residents and will continue to knock on doors this week – we hope you will share your thoughts, and maybe add your voice against the development into housing. Objections such as parking issues, blocking of your view and the loss of facilities to the local area may well swing the decision.

Your personal objections can be sent via this council web page; alternatively, if you don’t have time to compose your own, we’ll also be handing out pre-written letters which just need an address added. Or come to 5 Cuthbert Road to get one. We can even post them for you!

Put your signed and addressed letter through the door at 5 Cuthbert Road.