Please sign the petition

We are very pleased to have achieved the ACV status, but we are far from the home run.

The developers could appeal the ACV, plus we still don’t know the status of the planning application.

We may be called on at any time to prove that there is community support for our plans – so please sign this petition and add your name to that support. (It really does only take a minute, and is *not* one of those petitions that then signs you up to hundreds of other causes).

Thanks very much! We know we’re doing a lot of asking at the moment… we hope that soon we’ll be able to do some giving back

Introducing… Bungaroosh

If you live in the area, the chances are that you’ll already be familiar with the word ‘bungaroosh’.

Even if you’re not, you have probably experienced the perennial local problem of trying to bang a nail in the wall, only to hit a piece of flint and end up creating a two-foot-wide hole… welcome to the rough and ready building material out of which much of Brighton was built.

We’ve chosen Bungaroosh as the name for the centre we want the Cuthbert to become, too… not because of its frustrating properties, but because according to Wikipedia,

It can incorporate any of a wide variety of substances and materials.

And that’s what a community centre is all about. No matter who you are or what you are made of(!), you’ll be welcome at Bungaroosh.